Robert Facio

Robert Facio

Vocal Range: Bari-tenor (A2 - A5)    ·    Height: 6'1''    ·    Weight: 200lbs    ·    Hair Color: Dark Brown    ·    Eye Color: Green    ·    Training: University of New Orleans-BFA; University of New Orleans-MFA; Shakespeare Festival: Tulane-Intern    ·    Special Skills: Advanced Juggling, Advanced Clowning, Advanced Puppetry, Advanced Improv Skills (Long & Short form)    ·    Hometown: New Orleans    ·    High School: East Jefferson High School    ·    College: University of New Orleans    ·    Occupation: Talented Theatre Teacher

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Robert Facio
Robert Facio
Robert Facio
Robert Facio

Stage Credits:
Robert *.... Ultimate Christmas   (12/2016)
Nicky Arnstein *.... Funny Girl   (11/2016)
Ensemble.... Mary Poppins   (3/2016)
Curtis Jackson *.... Sister Act   (12/2015)
Jerome/Judge.... Merrily We Roll Along   (5/2015)
Robert *.... The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)   (5/2014)
Rick Archer *.... Murder at Cafe Noir   (1/2014)
Thurston Wheelis, et al. *.... A Tuna Christmas   (11/2013)
Ash Williams *.... Evil Dead: The Musical   (10/2013)
Tom Collins *.... RENT   (8/2013)
Petruchio *.... The Taming of the Shrew   (4/2013)
Gaston *.... Disney's Beauty and the Beast   (4/2013)
Tyndareus.... Orestes 2.0   (2/2013)
Rod/Trekkie Monster *.... Avenue Q   (1/2013)(1/2013)
Peter.... The Good Doctor   (11/2012)
Ensemble.... Jesus Christ Superstar   (9/2012)
Robert *.... The "Quarter" Rat Pack   (9/2012)
Brian Dupont *.... An Autobiography About My Brother   (3/2012)(11/2011)
Howard Rudd.... Holy Ghosts   (2/2012)
Alan *.... The Boys in the Band   (11/2011)
Jeffrey.... Fellatio: An Oral Discussion   (11/2011)
Tim.... Winds of Change   (10/2011)
Lord Fancourt Babberly.... Charley's Aunt   (7/2011)
Richard Greatham.... Hay Fever   (5/2011)
Player 8; Soldier; Fortinbras; Player Spy.... Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead   (9/2010)
Sam Craig.... Our Town   (4/2010)
Matt *.... Tio's Blues   (3/2010)(2/2010)
Victor *.... Four Dogs and a Bone   (11/2009)
Andy Shelly, Kenny Tolsom, Darren Anderson.... Camp Chaos   (10/2009)
Mac Sam.... The Miss Firecracker Contest   (9/2009)
Guy *.... Some Girl(s)   (8/2009)
Sgt. Wolf.... Who Kidnapped Mother Goose?   (5/2009)
Man 2 *.... Indecent Proposals   (3/2009)
Friar Lawrence.... Romeo & Juliet - The Westside Story   (1/2009)
Felix & Others.... A Christmas Carol - The Whole Story   (12/2008)
Henry Wobbles.... Dracula - The Whole Story   (10/2008)
Man *.... Laughing Wild   (9/2008)
Eddie McCuen.... The Musical Comedy Murders Of 1940   (7/2008)
Bernard.... Don't Dress For Dinner   (3/2008)
Coty Deckbar & others *.... Private Property (3 One Act Plays)   (2/2008)
Adam *.... The Shape Of Things   (1/2008)
Bob Cratchit & Others.... A Christmas Carol - The Whole Story   (12/2007)
Peter *.... Prelude To A Kiss   (11/2007)
Ensemble.... The Rocky Horror Show   (10/2007)(10/2006)
Theodore.... The Game Show   (9/2007)
Uncle Henry, Tree #2, Samuel Goldstein.... The Wizard Of Oz - The Dorothy Gale Story   (7/2007)
Donald.... The Nature and Purpose of the Universe   (5/2007)
Jimmy Johnson, Servant, Ensemble.... Annie   (12/2006)(11/2006)
Solinus.... The Comedy Of Errors   (4/2006)
Hortensio.... The Taming Of The Shrew   (8/2002)
Sir Edward Ramsey.... The King And I   (5/1998)
Class Clown.... Class Clowns  
Breton Beret.... A Man of No Importance  
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Director.... Ultimate Christmas   (12/2016)
Assistant Director.... Mary Poppins   (3/2016)
Assistant Director.... SHReK the MUSiCAL   (10/2014)
Director.... The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)   (5/2014)
Fight Choreographer.... Deathtrap   (11/2013)
Fight Choreographer.... Evil Dead: The Musical   (10/2013)
Fight Choreographer.... Disney's Beauty and the Beast   (4/2013)
Director.... The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!   (12/2010)
Run Crew.... An Experiment With An Air Pump   (11/2010)
Stage Manager.... Bye Bye Birdie   (4/2009)
Stage Manager.... Rabbit Hole   (8/2008)
Stage Manager.... Boy Gets Girl   (10/2007)
Crew.... Smokey Joe's Cafe   (11/2004)(10/2004)
Director.... The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)  

Stage Awards and Nominations:
2012 KCACTF Irene Ryan Award Nomination for the role of Peter Semonych in "The Good Doctor"

2014 New Orleans Big Easy Entertainment Awards Nomination: Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for "Avenue Q"

2014 New Orleans Big Easy Entertainment Awards Winner: Best Leading Actor in a Musical for "Evil Dead: The Musical"

Non-stage credits:
The Release Robert Meekins U.N.O. Graduate Thesis Project
Passed Out TJ Atypical Productions
Ben and Lisa Ben University of New Orleans
So Undercover Undercover FBI Agent Hope Town Entertainment
The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons Soldier Paramount/ Warner Bros. Pictures
Flavor of Plaid Documentary Team University of New Orleans Films
College Fraternity Member MGM/ 20th Century Fox
“B/W” – Rotary Downs Mormon Village Hat Company
The Throne of Alexandre Exodus Alexandre Exodus DR. Productions/ Lost City Films
Christmas Carol – The Whole Story Wolf Piazza Productions
Zombie Holiday Kevin Jefferson University of New Orleans Films
The Darkest of Days… Rob Big Orange Dog Productions
For One Night Student Lifetime Productions
The House of Maphui Maphui Project Gutenberg