Brad J. Caldwell

Brad J. Caldwell

Sometimes credited as: Brad Caldwell

Height: 5'4"    ·    Weight: 115    ·    Hair Color: brown    ·    Eye Color: brown    ·    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA    ·    High School: Interboro HS    ·    College: University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA    ·    Occupation: Production Design

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Brad J. Caldwell
Brad J. Caldwell
Brad J. Caldwell
Brad J. Caldwell

Stage Credits:
Ralph Wright.... Debauchery   (2/2013)
Billy.... Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide   (11/2011)
Miriam Polar/Ted Casablanca *.... Valley of the Dolls   (6/2009)
Raven.... HAND Over FIST   (5/2009)
Kiwi *.... Columbus Day   (4/2009)
Punkin *.... Grenadine McGunkle's Double-Wide Christmas   (12/2008)
Eastman's Secretary/ Marcia/ Police Officer/ Worker/ Mama/ Mrs. Vickers/ Boy Scout/ Bellows/ Mary.... A Place In The Sun   (7/2008)
Lisa Stewart *.... Reform School Girls   (5/2008)
Advisor/Murch Landonothing/TV Announcer/Voter/Citizen.... Roi C. Noggin   (4/2008)
Punkin.... Grenadine McGunkle's Double-Wide Christmas   (11/2007)
Carrie White *.... Carrie's Facts of Life   (10/2007)
Mandy Brownstein.... The Titanic Adventures Of The Love Boat Poseidon   (7/2007)
Miriam Aarons, Supermodel, etc..... The Women   (5/2007)
Punkin *.... Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas   (12/2006)
Chinese Guy/ Mexican Gardner/ Italian Film Director/ Red.... L'Imitation Of Life   (9/2006)
Punkin.... Grenadine McGunkle's Double-Wide Christmas Miracle   (12/2005)
Cast of thousands.... The Gulls   (3/2005)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Producer .... Much Ado About Nothing   (5/2013)
Director.... Steel Magnolias: A Staged Reading   (3/2013)
Set Design.... Silent Night of the Lambs   (12/2009)
Set Design.... Valley of the Dolls   (6/2009)
Scenic Designer.... Scrooge In Rouge! A British Music Hall Christmas Carol   (12/2008)(12/2007)
Set Design.... Die! Mommy! Die!   (9/2008)
Set Design.... A Place In The Sun   (7/2008)
Set Design.... Grenadine McGunkle's Double-Wide Christmas   (11/2007)
Set Design.... Carrie's Facts of Life   (10/2007)
Set Design.... Just Sing   (8/2007)
Set Design; Playwright.... The Titanic Adventures Of The Love Boat Poseidon   (7/2007)
Set Design.... Shut Up, Sweet Charlotte!   (5/2007)(11/2006)
Set Design.... Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas   (12/2006)
Set Design.... L'Imitation Of Life   (9/2006)
Set Design.... The Gulls   (3/2005)
Set Design.... Bad Seed   (10/2004)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Big Easy Nomination: Set Design, Shut Up Sweet Charlotte, 2006
Ambie Award Nomination: Best Actor, Hand Over Fist, 2009