Cameron MacDonell

Cameron MacDonell

Sometimes credited as: Cam MacDonell

Special Skills:      ·    Born: 11/12/1965    ·    Occupation: Set and Lighting Design

Stage Credits:
Eddie.... Pump Boys and Dinettes   (5/2004)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Set Design.... Floating Palace   (5/2009)
Lighting Designer ; Set Designer .... Zanna Don't!   (3/2009)
Set Designer .... Tant Que Durera La Terre   (3/2009)
Set Design.... John & Jen   (2/2009)
Set Design.... Okra   (12/2008)
Lighting Design.... Footprints: Traces Of Expression   (11/2008)
Lighting Design.... The Porch   (11/2008)
Lighting Design.... Green Garden   (11/2008)
Scenic Artist; Master Carpenter.... Rising Water   (10/2008)
Lighting Design; Set Design; Technical Director.... Once Upon A Mattress   (7/2008)
Technical Director; Set Designer .... Once Upon A Mattress   (6/2008)
Set Design; Technical Director.... Ruthless! The Musical   (4/2008)
Technical Director; Scenic Designer.... The Great American Trailer Park Musical   (2/2008)
Set Design; Technical Director.... A Christmas Carol   (12/2007)
Technical Director.... The Girl in the Frame   (10/2007)
Technical Director; Sound Engineer.... A Scandalous Affair   (9/2007)
Lighting Design; Technical Director.... Fleeing Katrina: Inspiring Journeys of Survival   (8/2007)
Lighting Design.... Disney's High School Musical   (7/2007)
Set Design; Technical Director; Set Construction.... Bye Bye Birdie   (5/2007)
Lighting Design.... The Pirates Of Penzance   (5/2007)
Set Design; Technical Director; Scenic Artist; Set Construction.... Guys And Dolls   (3/2007)
Lighting Design.... Rise-up   (1/2007)
Lighting Design; Technical Director.... Proposals   (11/2006)
Lighting Design; Technical Director.... Seussical: The Musical   (9/2006)
Set Design; Lighting Design.... Enchanted April   (9/2006)
Set Design.... Okra  

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Marquee Theater Awards 2007 Nominee -Set design .. A Christmas Carol

Big Easy Awards 2009 Nominee -Set Design .. Great American Trailer Park Musical

Storer Boone Awards 2009 Nominee -Set Design .. Great American Trailer Park Musical

Non-stage credits:
Grip...Goin' Berzerk ( TV Pilot )-Orlando, Fl
Writer, Director, Producer, Editor ..Orlando ..Lights, camera, Action?

various shorts and student films (DV)See site for details