NORD Ty Tracy Theatre

545 Saint Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130-3409  US

Located on the 1st floor of the historic Gallier Hall in the heart Of downtown New Orleans, the critically acclaimed theatre has been one of the premiere venues for Musical Theatre in New Orleans for more than 40 years. Since 2006 it has operated as a partnership between the New Orleans Recreation Department and the Crescent City Lights Youth Theater (CCL) with CCL handling all production costs.

A Pocketful of Rhymes  (7/2013)
Disney's Camp Rock - The Musical  (7/2011)
Golly Gee Whiz  (7/2010)
Holiday Extravaganza 2009  (12/2009)
Everything About School (Almost)  (7/2009)
Wanna Play?!  (6/2009)
2nd Annual Holiday Extravaganza  (12/2008)
Bugsy Malone Jr.  (7/2008)
Sleepover  (4/2008)
1st Annual Holiday Extravaganza  (12/2007)
The Red Sneaks  (7/2007)
Toy Camp  (6/2007)
Dream On Royal Street  (3/2007)
Dream On Royal Street  (1/2007)
Dracula Spectacula  (10/2006)
Schoolhouse Rock Live, Too!  (7/2006)
Showkids!  (8/2005)
Annie Get Your Gun  (8/2004)
The Pecan Cracker  (12/2003)
Blame It On The Movies  (8/2003)
Cinderella Battistella  (5/2003)
Ain't Misbehavin  (8/2002)
Flora The Red Menace