Le Chat Noir

715 Saint Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130-3713  US

Le Chat Noir houses an elegant Cabaret Room. Located at 715 St. Charles Avenue, it can be discovered on one of the most recognized avenues in the country. The 700 block is between the Central Business District (downtown) and the Uptown residential area. Close enough for easy visitor access, yet considered 'where the locals go,' this area, know as the Warehouse/Arts District, has great appeal to tourists and conventioneers who want a hip New Orleans experience. It is five blocks from the French Quarter and six blocks from the Morial Convention center. Parking for busses, vans or cars is available in the evenings and on weekends at 721 St. Charles Avenue.
Le Chat Noir, French for The Black Cat, is housed in a newly restored turn of the century building, with expansive windows that front on St. Charles for viewing of the historic streetcars, and the soaring steeple of St. Patrick's Cathedral. At night, vintage street lamps light the block, which includes a selection of fine dining establishments, luxury condominiums and the lovely Gallier Hall. The neighborhood is an urban transition area including the largest concentration of contemporary art galleries, art centers and museums in the South.

Storer Boone Awards 2011  (6/2011)
6x6  (5/2011)
The Final Curtain  (5/2011)
Debauchery  (5/2011)
6x6  (4/2011)
The Black Cat  (4/2011)
Debauchery  (4/2011)
Debauchery  (3/2011)
6x6  (3/2011)
6x6  (2/2011)
When in Rome  (2/2011)
Debauchery  (2/2011)
6x6  (1/2011)
How Lucky Can You Get?  (1/2011)
PROSPERITY  (1/2011)
Debauchery  (1/2011)
6x6  (12/2010)
Divas Take Action!: A Benefit for NO/AIDS Taskforce & Seasons of Concern  (12/2010)
Debauchery  (12/2010)
The Santaland Diaries  (12/2010)
The Queen B's  (11/2010)
A Little Bit of Butter Goes a Long Way  (11/2010)
YUMMY  (11/2010)
Debauchery  (11/2010)
The Queen B's  (11/2010)
Love Child  (11/2010)
Halloween Double Feature  (10/2010)
Blood, Fret and Fears  (10/2010)
Heaven & Hell  (10/2010)
Bless Ya Boys: Who Dat Nation  (10/2010)
Debauchery  (10/2010)
Blue Plate Special  (10/2010)
Divine Intervention  (9/2010)
The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman  (9/2010)
Debauchery  (9/2010)
The Four of Us  (8/2010)
The Best Laid Plans  (8/2010)
STANLEY TODD: The Demon Barber of Desire Street  (8/2010)
Debauchery  (8/2010)
Turn About Is Fair Play  (7/2010)
One Foot On, One Foot Off  (7/2010)
Debauchery  (7/2010)
Zombie Town: A Documentary Play  (7/2010)
Moonshine Madness  (6/2010)
Storer Boone Awards 2010  (5/2010)
Auntie Mame: a Staged Reading  (5/2010)
Lisa Sings Lee  (5/2010)
Laffbox- Crosstown Reading  (5/2010)
Dating Is a Four Letter Word  (4/2010)
When Pigs Fly  (4/2010)
Matt & Ben  (4/2010)
Ambie Awards for 2009  (2/2010)
And The Ball And All  (1/2010)
Jewtopia  (1/2010)
Optophobia  (12/2009)
Spooky Dog and the Teenage Gang Mysteries  (12/2009)
Jim Fitzmorris' Cabinet of Wonders  (11/2009)
Holiday Consumption as part of Jim Fitzmorris' Cabinet of Wonders  (11/2009)
Bobrauschenbergamerica  (11/2009)
And Then She Wrote...  (11/2009)
Hemo Phobia as part of Jim Fitzmorris' Cabinet of Wonders  (10/2009)
A Purrfect Evening: The Songs of Eartha Kitt  (10/2009)
Socrates Took the Easy Way Out  (10/2009)
The Laramie Project- 10 Years Later  (9/2009)
Taking A Chance on Love  (9/2009)
Bless Ya, Boys Training Camp  (9/2009)
My First Time  (8/2009)
My Baby's Daddies  (6/2009)
My Baby's Daddies  (6/2009)
Valley of the Dolls  (6/2009)
Open Mic at Le Chat Noir  (5/2009)
The Sweetest Sounds: The Music of Richard Rodgers  (5/2009)
Goin to Jackson  (5/2009)
My Baby's Daddies  (5/2009)
Storer Boone Awards 2009  (4/2009)
The Great Depressions  (4/2009)
Columbus Day  (4/2009)
Short Takes, An Evening of Comedies  (4/2009)
Songs For A New World  (3/2009)
Deconstructing: The Good, The Bad, and The Headache-y  (3/2009)
And The Ball And All  (2/2009)
Bryan Batt: Batt On A Hot Tin Roof  (2/2009)
Ambie Awards for 2008  (2/2009)
John & Jen  (2/2009)
A Purrfect Evening: The Songs Of Eartha Kitt  (2/2009)
The New Orleans Bingo! Show  (1/2009)
Love Letters  (1/2009)
Short Takes  (1/2009)
The Uprising  (1/2009)
Cheffing  (1/2009)
The Renew Revue  (1/2009)
The Renew Revue  (12/2008)
Scrooge In Rouge! A British Music Hall Christmas Carol  (12/2008)
Ignatius On Stage  (11/2008)
. . . in other words, New Orleans  (11/2008)
Win, Place, Show! Fairgrounds Tales: Winners, Losers, And Longshots  (11/2008)
He Loves And She Loves: The Gershwin Music We Love  (10/2008)
Die! Mommy! Die!  (9/2008)
He Loves And She Loves: The Gershwin Music We Love  (9/2008)
Celebrate Survival Open-Mic Cabaret Night  (9/2008)
Voices Of Louisiana  (8/2008)
Goin To Jackson  (8/2008)
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The New Orleans Bingo! Show  (2/2008)
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Love Letters  (2/2008)
Ambie Awards for 2007  (2/2008)
Danny O'Flaherty  (2/2008)
The Jodi & Amanda Show! Here We Go Again!  (1/2008)
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The New Orleans Bingo! Show  (1/2008)
Ricky Graham's *V.Y.P New Year's Eve Party  (12/2007)
The Jodi and Amanda Show! Here We Go Again!  (12/2007)
Scrooge In Rouge! A British Music Hall Christmas Carol  (12/2007)
Karen Akers...Simply Styne  (11/2007)
The New Orleans Bingo! Show  (11/2007)
Anais St. John..No Reservations  (11/2007)
Varla Jean Merman Loves A Foreign Tongue  (10/2007)
Klea Blackhurst - Everything The Traffic Will Allow - A Tribute to Ethel Merman  (10/2007)
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Andrea Sings Astaire  (6/2007)
Storer Boone Awards 2007  (5/2007)
Bitter/Sweet  (5/2007)
Bustout Burlesque  (4/2007)
Red Light District Variety Show  (3/2007)
Getting A Kick Out Of Cole  (3/2007)
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Bingo!  (3/2007)
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I'm Still Here, Me!  (11/2005)
Bryan Batt At Le Chat  (11/2005)
Backbones  (7/2005)
A Bunch Of Baloney  (7/2005)
Critic  (7/2005)
Rendezvous  (7/2005)
Responsible Parental Design  (7/2005)
Sincerely Yours, Aida Feldspar  (7/2005)
Move  (7/2005)
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There Was An Old Man From Nantucket  (6/2005)
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Storer Boone Awards 2003  (12/2003)
Rio Seco  (10/2003)
Hollywood Heaven  (9/2003)
Power Plays  (4/2003)
I Didn't Raise You That Way  (3/2003)
Small Craft Warnings  (3/2003)
The Black & White Blues (the Restaurant Musical)  (8/2002)
Galatoire's Monologues  (7/2002)
Storer Boone Awards 2002  (6/2002)
The Cosmic Debt  (6/2002)
Birthday Bash for the Bard  (4/2002)
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The Songs of Al Jolson  (9/2001)
Dorothy And Alan  (6/2001)
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Mikko Presents ... God  (4/2000)
Every Day is Mardi Gras in Heaven CD Release Party  (2/2000)
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Two In the Bush  
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