The Untold Story of the Sword and the Stone

The Untold Story of the Sword and the Stone

Written by: Kent Michael Altman 

Theatre Winter Haven    4/18/2011 - 4/20/2011 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy · World Premiere

Before there was Arthur, before there was Guenevere, before there was Camelot and a Round Table full of Knights, there was Glenn, an ordinary boy with nothing going for him in his life. But one day his mother asks him to go to the market for some supplies and his fate changes. Here he finds the Sword, Excalibur, lodged firmly in the Stone and decides to take a chance on pulling it free. When he manages to pry it loose, he's immediately named the new King and what fate has in store for him next becomes anybody's guess.

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Total performances: 8

Marcus Hartfield.... Glenn *
Trevor Eisinger.... Sir Aberforth *
Ainsley Fazinni-Rayburn.... Salamander
Brennan Montague.... The Man
Jason Fortin.... Resilience
Kadesh Lewis.... Hesitance
Lyndsey Wilkerson.... The Mysterious Woman
Morgan Chesnicka.... Pickles
Paige Butz.... Sage
Robert Modrall.... Merlin
Sara Beth Reynolds.... Constance
Sara Keilty.... Saffron
Spencer Croy.... Patience/Arthur
Taylor Montague.... The Woman
Trey Iakovidis.... Pain
Zax Mascioli.... Pleasure
*=featured role

Derek M. Wyatt ....  Director; Co-writer
Jake McKinnon ....  Stage Manager

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