Marat Sade

Marat Sade

La Mise En Scene 2    11/5/1970 - 12/20/1970 (schedule)

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Full title:
"The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade"

Peter Weiss's controversial play won the Antoinette Perry Award in New York as Best Play of 1966. English version by Geoffrey Skelton. Verse Adaptation by Adrian Mitchell. Original Music by R. C. Peaslee.

In December of 1970, the NOPD raided the Esplanade Ave. theatre La Mise en Scene during a local performance. The actors were charged with the crimes which they portrayed in the show. Interestingly, the play had been presented the year ...Read More

Bruce Findley.... Marquis de Sade *
Marilyn Jacobson.... Charlotte Corday *
Paul Werner.... Jean -Paul Marat *
Tom Keynton.... Jean-Paul Marat *
Angel Pennison.... Nymphomaniac
Anne Heausler.... Polpoch
Aubrey Brown.... Guard
Brian Verrigan.... Jacques Roux
Davina Grace Hill.... Manic
Diane Gray.... Autistic
Dione Dallimore.... Simonne Evrard
Dotty Zander.... Coulmier's wife
Ellen Hotstream.... Coulmier's daughter
Jane Schwartzman.... Kokol
John H. Everett.... Guard
Michael Blackman.... Herald
Nathan Berman.... Duperret
Paris Marie.... Rossignol
Patti Windes.... Culurucu
Randy Feldt.... Caged Animal
Sam Solomon.... Satanist/Monk
Stuart Patterson.... Coulmier
*=featured role

Maurice Kowalewski ....  Director
John H. Everett ....  Set Design; Technical Director
Mary Gilmore ....  Costume Design
Turalura Goldfarb ....  Stage Manager
Patti Harris ....  Prop Master
Anne Heausler ....  Makeup

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