Mayhem at the Monster Bash

Mayhem at the Monster Bash

Producer: Paula Hilton


Ivana Crump's Halloween fundraiser for HOWSA took a terrible turn for the worse when her ex-husband, Conner, was murdered during the event. But Ivana's an optimist and decides to forge ahead! While waiting for the police to arrive and investigate his mysterious death, she continues the party with the 2nd part of the night, a fundraiser for COWSA! What's COWSA? Ivana's keeping mum until after the silent auction. And while the rest of her guests are all understandably nervous, Ivana thinks she has just what they need to forget the earlier tragedy and enjoy the evening at hand. Join Ivana and her family of Crumps during a Halloween celebration that will have you howling!

Chelsea Bergquist.... Iona Crump
Christopher Manson.... Clark Crump
Cynthia Bergquist.... Iona Crump
Joe Chase.... Conner Crump
Kay Yarbrough.... Ivanna Crump
Melissa Wolf.... Isabella Crump
Michelle DellaFave.... Isabella Crump
Paula Hilton.... Ivanna Crump
*=featured role

Paula Hilton ....  Author and Director

Record created by: paulapie

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