Crazy Head Space

Crazy Head Space

Dog Run Rep    3/12/2009 - 4/5/2009 (schedule)


Sanity is SO overrated. We all need a little madness in our lives. Get ready for the ferocious first debut of Crazy Head Space, a manic musical celebrating a dizzying kaleidoscope of mental and emotional disorders!

Crazy Head Space will take you off the deep end and into a world of pure imagination and animal madness. Step out of your normal routine in this A-to-Z merry-go-round of maladies—some hilarious, some magical and unnerving. Taste the excitement of all those disorders you've read about but managed to avoid thus far--or have you?

Most important of all, rediscover the lunatic within you! ...Read More

Adriene Couvillion.... The Nurse
Alexandra Smith.... Dancer, Ensemble
Alicia Upchurch.... M, T, Ensemble
Billy Butler.... M, Q, T, V Ensemble
Carl Anthony-Tramon.... N, Q, V, Z Ensemble
Doug Shapiro.... G, V, Ensemble
Eddie Cooper.... K, Ensemble
Jacquie Aquines.... J, M, Ensemble
Jennifer Rose Agnelli.... J, O, T, Ensemble
Joanna Richardson.... Dancer, Ensemble
Kendra Leigh Landon.... E, J, Ensemble
Logan Tracey.... M, Y, Ensemble
Lyndsey Makovsky.... Dancer, Ensemble
Michelangelo Sosnowitz.... F, DJ
Mike Harrison.... P, Q, T, U, V Ensemble
Nam Holtz.... C, Ensemble
Nathaly Lopez.... C, E, Ensemble
Racy Joseph.... B, H, L, T, Ensemble
Ron Nummi.... Q, S, V, Ensemble
Sarah Fitchman.... E, R, Ensemble
Sheena DiMatteo.... Dancer, Ensemble
Tauren Hagans.... E, R, Ensemble
Tina Jensen.... H, L, T, Ensemble
*=featured role

Errickson Wilcox ....  Director
Matthew Neff ....  Choreographer
Jay Scott ....  Lighting Design
Nicholas Meo ....  Stage Manager
Sarah Singer ....  Asst. Choreographer
Tom Lenz ....  Production Design
Scott Hello ....  Production Design
Shawn Carrie-Schrader ....  Spotlight Operator
Elizabeth S. Davis ....  Music & Lyrics
Phil Vriend ....  Projection Designer
Michelangelo Sosnowitz ....  Music Director; Composer
Josh Starr ....  Lighting Assistant
Amy Gavin ....  Scenic Designer
Katie Rosen ....  Marketing and PR Consultants

Record created by: Broadwaydre

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