Same Time, Next Year

Same Time, Next Year

Written by: Bernard Slade 

Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre    11/30/1979 - 12/15/1979 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy · Community

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Total performances: 15

Don Hood.... George *
Janet Shea.... Doris *
*=featured role

Stocker Fontelieu ....  Director; Executive Director
David C. Potter ....  Lighting Design
Eddy Vedrenne ....  Set Design; Associate Technical Director
Don Hood ....  Set Design; Technical Director
Beau Leland ....  Set Design; Associate Technical Director
David Albers ....  Stage Manager; Sound Coordinator
Frank Cakavell ....  Box Office Manager
David Hanscom ....  House Manager
William Tinney ....  Photographer
Fanny Casey ....  Wardrobe
Kathy Potter ....  Wardrobe
Jules Weiss ....  Business Manager
Malain Carroll Collins ....  Administrative Assistant
George Kelly ....  Props
Roy Smith ....  Props
Joan Kelly ....  Props
Barbara Paikert ....  Lights
Sam Elliott ....  Lights
Nancy Potter ....  Sound
Frances Norton ....  Sound
Helen Jolly ....  Green Room Hostess
Emile Bass ....  Porter
June Austin ....  Assistant to the Design Staff
Herman Russell, Jr. ....  Bartender
Melvin Callahan ....  Miss Shea's Hair Styles
Harvis Weekley ....  Miss Shea's Hair Styles


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