My Fat Friend

My Fat Friend

Written by: Charles Laurence 

Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre    6/10/1977 - 6/25/1977 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy · Community

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Total performances: 16

Janet Shea.... Victoria Hope *
Julian Craggs.... Henry Simmonds *
Gerald Adams.... Tom Reynolds
Kelly Fulton.... James Anderson
*=featured role

Stocker Fontelieu ....  Director; Executive Director
David Potter ....  Lighting Design
Ben Rauch ....  Stage Manager
Don Hood ....  Technical Director
Fanny Casey ....  Costume Coordinator
John Etheredge ....  Box Office Manager
John Guerin ....  Business Manager
Carol Bezou ....  Administrative Assistant
Nancy Potter ....  Prop Crew
John Portero ....  Prop Crew
Bert Archer ....  Prop Crew
Shannon Shea ....  Prop Crew
Harold Jeansonne ....  Prop Crew
Bette Bailey ....  Prop Crew
Robert White ....  Prop Crew
David Albers ....  Sound Coordinator
Jan Jones ....  Make-up Crew
Suzanne Starr ....  Make-up Crew
Rosa B. Deutsch ....  Program Editor
Iris Naegele ....  Props Coordinator
Mary Cuquet ....  Sound Crew
Rosamond Myers ....  Sound Crew
Helen LeFevre ....  Wardrobe Crew
Carol Phillips ....  Wardrobe Crew
Shirley Rames ....  Wardrobe Crew
Kay Sullivan ....  Wardrobe Crew
Jeff Young ....  Wardrobe Crew
Dawn Littlejohn ....  Green Room Hostess
Eddie Brown, Jr. ....  Porter
James Stokes, Jr. ....  Porter
June Austin ....  Assistant to the Design Staff
Herman Russell, Jr. ....  Bartender
Barbara Paikert ....  Light Crew
Gicanda Thomas ....  Light Crew
Eddy Vedrenne ....  Associate Technical Director
Jack Gallier ....  Associate Technical Director


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