The Ritz

The Ritz

Written by: Terrence McNally 

Gallery Circle Theatre    11/18/1976 - 12/18/1976 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy · Community

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Total performances: 18

Janet Shea.... Googie Gomez *
Keith Briggs.... Gaetano Proclo *
Mel Werner.... Claude Perkins *
Ann F. Sauve.... Maurine
Ed Brown.... Carmine Vespucci
Jack Walker.... Snooty Patron
Jacque Strickler.... Cowboy Patron
Jim Drumm.... Crisco Patron
Joe Ellenbogen.... Abe
Kerry Daigle.... Tiger
Rick Williams.... Duff
Rip Jesse.... Sheldon Farenthold
Ron Fine.... Michael Brick
Rose Mary Tichenor.... Vivian Proclo
Roy Taglialavore.... Chris
Tom Manuel.... Policeman
*=featured role

Jack Morrison ....  Director
Ann F. Sauve ....  Stage Manager; Assistant Director; Set Construction & Painting
Sam Elliott ....  Technical Director
Jack Walker ....  Asst. Technical Director
Gail Sternberg ....  Asst. Stage Manager; Set Construction & Painting; Props Coordinator
Brenda Martin ....  Lighting Operator; Set Construction & Painting
Randy Rupp ....  Lighting Operator
Tom Manuel ....  Sound Operator; Set Construction & Painting
Roy Jardell ....  Publicity
Bitsy Simpson ....  Costume Crew
Mrs. J. Tringali ....  Costume Crew
David Tringali ....  Costumes; Set Construction & Painting
Jacque Strickler ....  Set Construction & Painting
Rip Jesse ....  Set Construction & Painting
Tom Cole ....  Set Construction & Painting
Ben Hampton ....  Set Construction & Painting
Oscar Levy ....  Set Construction & Painting
Michael Slattery ....  Set Construction & Painting
Gwen Thiole ....  Set Construction & Painting
Dickey Smith ....  Hair Styles
Mickey Bennon Smith ....  Hair Styles


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