Julius Caesar

City Park - Lelong Avenue Grove    5/7/1995 - 5/13/1995 (schedule)

Category:  Drama · Shakespeare · Professional

Caesar gets stabbed by the senators, Marc Antony doesn't like it. Brutus is the noblest Romans of them all.

Total performances: 4

Bob Pavlovich.... Brutus *
Ed McIntyre.... Marc Antony *
Gavin Mahlie.... Cassius *
Luis Q. Barroso.... Julius Caesar *
Anthony L Favre.... Artemidorous/Pindarus
Benjamin Clement.... Cinna/Flavius
Eric Suben.... Casca
Gina Porretto.... Calpurnia
Michael Zarou.... Soothsayer
Renee Baugnon.... Portia
Richard Scheidt.... Cicero
Vatican Lokey.... Lucius/Octavius
*=featured role

John Grimsley ....  Director
Vatican Lokey ....  Costume Design
Jonathan Taylor ....  Stage Manager; Adaptor
Robert W. Moore ....  Music Composer/Performer

Record created by: luisq.barroso

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