The Pleasure Of His Company

The Pleasure Of His Company

Written by: Samuel Taylor , Cornelia Otis Skinner 

Bayou Dinner Theatre    6/29/1989 - 8/6/1989 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy · Professional

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Chuck Davis.... Biddeford Poole *
Emery Thompson.... Jessica Poole *
Arthur Tong.... Toy
John Raynor.... Jim Dougherty
Mary Klein.... Katharine Dougherty
Michael Cahill.... Roger Henderson
Peter Gabb.... Mackenzie Savage
*=featured role

George Kelly ....  Director; Managing Director
Edward R. Cox ....  Set Design; Set Construction; Set Decoration
Susan Erlanger ....  Stage Manager
Jet Templeton ....  Technical Director; Set Construction
D'Anna Stanton ....  Asst. Stage Manager; Set Construction
Arthur W. Tong ....  Photographer
Joan Kelly ....  Wardrobe
Stocker Fontelieu ....  Executive Director
Paula Mule ....  Business Manager; Box Office.; Make-Up & Hair-Styling
Bobbie Collins ....  Prop Mistress
Becky Whorton ....  Props
Matt Ford ....  Light and Sound Design
Mary Klein ....  Box Office.; Tourism Manager
Gilda Perkins ....  Press Agent
Mary Campbell ....  Pre-Show Pianist

Notes: [BDT #36]
I suppose some explanation should be forthcoming about the publicity photographs taken of this production. First, the photographer, as usual at the Bayou, was Arthur Tong. He, famously, brought a 12 exposure roll of film to all of his shoots. The BDT director was expected to put together a shooting schedule of 12 shots - scenes, cast, cast & crew, set. To begin with, since Arthur was in the cast, he would set up the shot but George Kelly or someone would actually click the shutter. As usual, the date of the color production shots was after the first Sunday matinee. The Bayou had recently hired a young, reliable Matt Ford as a techie. He did not show up for that first matinee, much to Director George Kelly's chagrin. As the subsequent shoot was in progress, this actor - MPC - went to the dressing room for a costume change and found Matt Ford cheerfully dressing for what he had assumed was yet another evening performance. I re-entered the theater and sought out Stocker Fontelieu, to whom I explained the situation. Before involving George, Stocker went back for a word with Matt - who was extremely mortified. Stocker brought the abashed techie into the theater and all was explained. However, between Arthur and George a stray exposure had been made, thus finishing the roll before the pre-determined 12 shots had been taken. Reluctantly, Arthur pulled out another 12-shot roll to finish the schedule...but would not just use up one shot on a roll of 12. He insisted we finished off the whole roll. Well, we took yet another Cast & Crew picture including Matt Ford, even though Joan Kelly and Becky Whorton had left. Then, we improvised shots. By this time, I was already done and had changed into a sports-shirt and shorts - with white socks and a running shoes - to go home. Still, I was dragooned into appearing with more shots with Ms. Emery Thompson (Guder), who was still in costume. In one shot - which you can see - I was placed behind the "pouffe" - a piece of furniture which was apparently very popular at one time in drawing room comedies. Little did I realize that the result was that I looked like I was erupting out of a volcano. Those were the days. - MPC
References: Cahill; MPC; Program
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