InSideOut Productions

3319 1/2 Bell St.
New Orleans LA 70119

Our Mission Statement

Founded in 2005 by four ambitious upstart UNO alums, InSideOut has always dedicated its focus to enlightening and entertaining our New Orleans community with actor driven, audience intimate Theatre of the highest quality and passion. A few years later and a couple of productions wiser, our goal remains intact, but is now coupled by an aspiration to do our part to help bring New Orleans back from the despair left by Katrina. We endeavor in this goal in not only providing artistic sustenance to our community, but InSideOut’s future aims include holding regular benefits for charity with each production, building an educational outreach program for local schools and artists, to collaborate with other like-minded groups, and to always try to provide our audience with a minimal ticket expense, so that everyone in this community can share the power of this art.

Our Dramatic Philosophy

The philosophy of InSideOut attempts to draw from visions of Theater’s past - The ritual of a Grotowskian ‘poor theatre’, the passion of a Group Theatre, the social significance of a Berliner Ensemble – and fuse those ideas with a 21st century American perspective. Our hope is to pave a new road in American Theatre this millennium, to usher in a “Theatre of the Conglomerate.” A road not based on revolt from what came before, but rather a collaboration towards what could lie ahead. As such, we endeavor for Theatre to become, not just a hobby, not just a pastime, not just an Art to be studied or occasionally enjoyed - but instead, for Theatre to live as a temple of nourishment that no plate or cup could possibly fulfill. This dream is by no means a new quest or even one we claim to possess alone. It is an ambition that hopefully we all share. With an undying passion and an American spirit, InSideOut is committed to carrying on the torch to this dream, in this community and for generations to come.

Cat's-Paw  (2/2011)
Blue Plate Special  (10/2010)
The Streetcar Project: A Dramatic Practicum  (7/2010)
Optophobia  (12/2009)
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot  (9/2009)
Columbus Day  (4/2009)
Side Man  (11/2008)
Coyote On A Fence  (7/2008)
The Woolgatherer  (1/2008)
The Woolgatherer  (9/2006)
Thick As Thieves  (8/2006)
Three Days Of Rain  (6/2005)