The Alamo Underground

1547 Crete St.
New Orleans LA 70119

The Alamo Underground is a raw, multi-use theatre and gallery space. It is available for plays, art shows, film screenings, and acoustic concerts as well as meetings, rehearsals and receptions. The Alamo Underground seeks to provide New Orleans artists with a flexible, accessible space to produce and present work as well as serving as a base for an energized, expanding theatre community.

As a producer, the Alamo Underground focuses intimate, honest, inclusive theatre with special attention to new work by local artists and pieces of social relevance.

Brian and Shevat  (10/2008)
The 13 Clocks  (11/2007)
Root [Cel.lar]  (10/2007)
Thom Pain (based on nothing)  (6/2007)