Tennessee Williams / New Orleans Literary Festival

938 Lafayette Street, Suite 514 New Orleans, Louisiana 70113

(504) 581-1144

The festival is an annual five-day celebration held in late March, which showcases national and regional scholars, writers, and performing artists. Programs include panel discussions, theatrical performances, a one-act play competition, lectures, literary walking tours, musical performances, and a bookfair.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  (3/2014)
An Autobiography About My Brother  (3/2012)
An Autobiography About My Brother  (11/2011)
The Glass Menagerie  (3/2011)
The Night of the Iguana  (2/2011)
Outside Sitka  (2/2011)
The Night of the Iguana  (2/2011)
Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen  (3/2010)
The Night of the Iguana  (3/2010)
This Property is Condemned  (3/2010)
Tio's Blues  (3/2009)
Ignatius On Stage  (11/2008)
Ignatius On Stage  (3/2008)
Everyone Expects Me To Write Another Streetcar: Another Evening With The Playwright  (3/2008)
Fannie Lou Hamer: This Little Light...  (3/2008)
Tennessee's Got Talent!  (3/2008)
Bent To The Flame: A Night With Tennessee Williams  (3/2008)
Camino Real  (3/2008)
Steps Must Be Gentle  (3/2008)
The Property Is Condemned  (3/2008)
Life Story  (3/2008)
Tennessee And His Women  (3/2008)
Weird  (4/2007)
Ignatius On Stage  (4/2007)
Small Things  (4/2007)
Everyone Expects Me To Write Another Streetcar: Another Evening With The Playwright  (3/2007)
Mirrors Of Chartres Street: Faulkner In New Orleans/New Orleans In Faulkner  (3/2007)
The Last Madam: Colorful And Decadent Readings  (3/2007)
Rancho Pancho  (3/2007)
The Traveling Companion  (3/2007)
The Chalky White Substance  (3/2007)
Lifeboat Drill  (3/2007)
Small Things  (3/2007)
Ignatius Onstage  (5/2006)
These Are The Stairs You Got To Watch  (4/2006)
Talking Tennessee  (3/2006)
Blanche And Beyond  (3/2006)
Loose Hog In The House Of God  (4/2005)
Talking Tennessee  (4/2005)
Ignatius On Stage  (4/2005)
Escape  (3/2005)
Mister Paradise  (3/2005)
And Tell Sad Stories Of The Deaths Of Queens  (3/2005)
Interior: Panic  (3/2005)
Thank You, Kind Spirit  (3/2005)
Loose Hog In The House Of God  (3/2005)
The Glass Menagerie  (3/2004)
Small Craft Warnings  (3/2003)
Sweet Bird Of Youth  (3/2002)
Lillian  (3/1999)
Jelly Roll!  (4/1998)
The Night Cafe  (3/1992)
Confessions Of A Nightingale  (3/1991)
A Streetcar Named Desire  (3/1989)
Sweet Bird Of Youth  (3/1988)