ArtSpot Productions

7100 St Charles Avenue
New Orleans LA 70118
(504) 826-7783

ArtSpot Productions is a New Orleans-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation and production of original multidisciplinary performance works for local, national and international presentation. Founded in 1995 by Kathy Randels to produce her solo performance work, the company has expanded to include collaborative works with artists of different disciplines. Through audience development and performing arts education for artists of all ages and backgrounds, we seek to build a culture in New Orleans that participates in and supports live original performance work.

Category 4: A Shit Storm  (7/2012)
Rumours of War  (10/2011)
Go Ye Therefore...  (5/2010)
Loup Garou  (10/2009)
Turning Of The Bones  (3/2009)
Flight  (11/2008)
The Saint Plays  (11/2008)
Flight  (5/2008)
Flight  (4/2008)
Desire Cabaret  (2/2008)
A Martin Luther King Celebration  (1/2008)
Incide  (11/2007)
Maid Of Orléans  (12/2006)
Songs For Shows  (12/2006)
Chekhov's Wild Ride  (11/2006)
Beneath The Strata/Disappearing  (10/2006)
State Of The Nation III: Restoration  (6/2006)
State Of The Nation III: Restoration  (6/2006)
State Of The Nation  (1/2006)
New Orleans Suite  (5/2005)
The End And Back Again, My Friend  (9/1999)
The End And Back Again, My Friend  (6/1999)
The End And Back Again, My Friend  (5/1999)
Object Of Desire  (5/1998)
Rage Within/Without  (5/1998)
Rage Within/Without  (5/1998)
Lower 9 Stories  (5/1998)
Rage Within/Without  (3/1997)
Rage Within/Without  (3/1997)
How To Be A Man In The 21st Century  (9/1996)
Rage Within/Without  (9/1995)