Jan Chategnier

Jan Chategnier

Sometimes credited as: Jan Chamberlain Chimento, Jan Chimento

Vocal Range: ALTO    ·    Height: 5'10'    ·    Weight: 180    ·    Hair Color: Frost Blonde    ·    Eye Color: Blue/Green    ·    Occupation: Retired

Late Nite Catechism /"Sister"/ nationally

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Jan Chategnier
Jan Chategnier
Jan Chategnier
Jan Chategnier

Stage Credits:
Lily Tuthill.... Secondary Cause of Death   (3/2011)
Finuzza.... The Sicilian Bachelor   (4/2010)
Lucille *.... The Cemetery Club   (11/2009)
Nurse Ratchet.... One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest   (7/2003)
Presenter.... Storer Boone Awards 1999   (5/1999)
Dr. Frank *.... Private Eyes   (4/1999)(6/1998)
Presenter.... Storer Boone Awards 1998   (6/1998)
Carol.... Laughter On The 23rd Floor   (11/1996)
Mother Teresa & others.... Jeffrey   (10/1994)
replacement.... A...My Name Is Alice   (6/1994)
Mrs. Strakosh.... Funny Girl   (9/1993)
Nurse Hennebon.... Meanwhile, Back On The Couch   (1/1993)
Nurse Hennebon.... Meanwhile, Back On The Couch   (6/1992)
Frau Schmidt.... The Sound Of Music   (9/1991)
Bunny *.... Gemini   (5/1991)
Grace Kimbrough.... Never Too Late   (5/1990)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Backstage Crew.... Romance / Romance   (6/1994)
Backstage Assistant.... Never Too Late   (5/1990)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Nom. for a Big Easy for Best Actress as Nrs.Ratchet in Cuckoos Nest
Nom. for a Marquee Award for Best Actress as Lucille in Cemetery Club

Non-stage credits:
"From the Rough"/Waitress/2011
"Chase the Hawk"/Woman/WWE Movie 2010
"Pregnancy Pact"/Grandmother/Lifetime Movie 2010
"Welcome to Academia" /Professor Leslie/Independent Film 2008
"A Perfect Day"/Matron/J & J TV Movie 2006/07