Derrick Deal

Derrick Deal

Vocal Range: Barotone    ·    Height: 6'1    ·    Weight: 185lbs    ·    Hair Color: Black    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Special Skills: Acting, Singing, Dancing    ·    Hometown: New Orleans    ·    High School: Warren Easton    ·    College: BA-Theatre-Communications Dillard U./ 2 Years Graduate Studies- Performance Acting    ·    Occupation: Actor/Teacher

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Derrick Deal
Derrick Deal
Derrick Deal
Derrick Deal

Stage Credits:
Obatala *.... Origin   (7/2012)
Tommy.... Hearts of Gold / Corazones de Oro   (12/2010)
Dr. Gibbs.... Our Town   (6/2010)
Various characters.... Voices Not Forgotten   (8/2009)(5/2009)(12/2008)
Ensemble.... Verbatim Verboten   (8/2009)
Dancer.... Footprints: Traces Of Expression   (11/2008)
Dancer/Ensemble.... All Shook Up   (9/2008)
.... The 13 Lessons   (7/2008)
Ensemble/Zeus/Cinyras *.... Metamorphoses   (4/2008)
Raymond *.... Katrina's Path   (2/2008)(10/2007)
Damon.... 7 Days Of Paradise   (2/2008)
Wray *.... Nighthawks   (5/2007)
Vershinin.... The Three Sisters   (4/2007)
.... Fleeing Katrina   (11/2006)
Tea Kettle.... The Polar Bear Exhibit   (8/2006)
Derrick.... Keep It Klean   (7/2006)
Antipholus of Ephesus *.... The Comedy Of Errors   (4/2006)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Theater Coordinator.... Voices Not Forgotten   (8/2009)(5/2009)(12/2008)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
2009 Why Wait /Micah, Big Brother Shrek/ Him & Me Production
2009 Beauty and The Beast /Beast Double, Knife/ Jefferson Parish Arts Society
2008 All Shook Up /Ensemble/ Jefferson Parish Arts Society
2008-09 13 Lessons /Jim – Director /Ashe Cultural Arts Center
2008 Matter of Husbands /Director/ University of New Orleans
2008 Unacquainted /Director/ Central School in Lake Charles LA.
2007-09 Origins Of Life /Sango-Dance Ensemble/ Ashe Cultural Arts Center
2006 Nighthawks /Wray Grubbs/ Marigny Theatre
2005 Slave Quarters /Madame Levaux-Detective/ Southern Repertory Theatre
2005 The Story /Neil/ Anthony Bean Community Theatre
2005 Spunk /Elijah Mosley-Jelly-Joe Banks/ Dillard University
2004 Raisin In The Sun /Walter Lee Younger/ Dillard University
2004 Reflections /Glen Waters/ Dillard University
2003 St. Lucy’s Eyes /Assistant Director/ Dillard University
2003 Zooman & The Sign /Zooman/ Dillard University
2003 Purlie /Field Hand/ Dillard University
2002 Oak & Ivy /Paul Lawence Dunbar/ Dillard University
2002 In The Blood /Jabber/ Dillard University
2002 Goodnight Irene /Benny/ Anthony Bean Community Theatre
2002 FYI AIDS Awareness /Big Steve/ Dillard University
2002 Once On This Island /Armand/ Dillard University
2001 Soweto /Dimico/ Dillard University
2001 Troubled Water /Banker/ Dillard University
1999 Raisin The Musical /Asagi/ Warren Easton High School

2008 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Best Acting Partner Award for Semi-Finals and Finals
2006 Best Actor - Comedy Of Errors University Of New Orleans
2004 Collegiate All - American Scholar Award
2002 Recipient of S. Randolph Edmonds Theatre Scholarship

Non-stage credits:
2008 No Saints Among Sinners
2007 K - Ville
2007 Lost And Found
2006 Déjà vu
2005 Just My Luck
2004 Block Party
2004 Dukes of Hazards
2004 Last Holiday
2004 Chevrolet National Commercial
2003 Marriot Hotel Commercial
2003 Home Of Phobia