Diana Macera

Diana Macera

Sometimes credited as: DD

Height: 5'4    ·    Weight: 110    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Blue    ·    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana    ·    Born: 8/7/1984    ·    High School: Archbishop Blenk    ·    College: University of New Orleans    ·    Occupation: EMT- A*MED Ambulance Service

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Diana Macera
Diana Macera
Diana Macera
Diana Macera

Stage Credits:
Tina Tubbetini *.... Joey & Mary's Irish Italian Wedding   (2/2010)(5/2008)
Transilvanian.... Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show   (10/2009)
Caitlin.... Over The River And Through The Woods   (10/2008)
Ruby Rae/Choir/Townsperson.... The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas   (9/2007)
soloist *.... Ascension: A Musical Revue   (1/2004)
Tammie Labare *.... The Pecan Cracker   (12/2003)
.... Flora The Red Menace   (12/2003)
soloist *.... Blame It On The Movies   (8/2003)
.... Cinderella Battistella   (5/2003)
Caitlin.... over the river and thru the woods  
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Running Crew.... Love's Labours Lost   (7/1999)