Clarence Wethern

Clarence Wethern

Height: 5'8"    ·    Weight: 160 lbs.    ·    Hair Color: brown    ·    Eye Color: brown    ·    Special Skills: Improvisation, Stage Combat (unarmed, knife, sword), Fencing (sabre), Firearms, Dialects    ·    Hometown: New Orleans    ·    College: Southeastern Louisiana University    ·    Occupation: Actor

Clarence Wethern is a stage, screen, and voice actor based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Clarence Wethern
Clarence Wethern

Stage Credits:
Chris Smith.... Killer Joe   (10/2008)
Orson Welles, et al..... Get Flanagan   (12/2004)
Bassanio *.... The Merchant of Venice   (11/2003)
Reverend Eddie *.... Some Things You Need To Know Before The World Ends (A Final Evening With the Illuminati)   (4/2001)
Father Dewis.... Buried Child   (3/2001)
*=leading role