Adrian Lindsey

Adrian Lindsey

Vocal Range: Tenor 2    ·    Height: 5'8"    ·    Weight: 165    ·    Hair Color: Bald    ·    Eye Color: Brown     ·    Special Skills: Ballet, modern, jazz dancer. Irish accent     ·    Hometown: New Orleans     ·    Born: 8/17/2017    ·    High School: St. Augustine    ·    College: Southeast College of technology     ·    Occupation: Drafter 

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Adrian Lindsey
Adrian Lindsey
Adrian Lindsey
Adrian Lindsey

Stage Credits:
Priest *.... Jesus Christ Superstar   (9/2012)
Apostle.... Jesus Christ Superstar   (7/2012)
Ensemble.... A Chorus Line   (5/2011)
Ensemble.... Curtains   (9/2010)
Ensemble.... Dirty Rotten Scoundrels   (6/2010)
Linville.... Damn Yankees   (10/2009)
Ensemble.... Aida   (9/2009)
Villager/Wolf/Cheesegrater.... Disney's Beauty And The Beast   (1/2009)
*=leading role

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Big East award winner for Orgins Life on Earth

Non-stage credits:
Just My Luck - featured extra