Michael Martin

Michael Martin

Vocal Range: tenor    ·    Height: 5'7"    ·    Weight: 140    ·    Hair Color: gray    ·    Eye Color: hazel    ·    Hometown: Minneapolis

^Indicates new work. ~Indicates lead role.
[CH] In Chicago. [NO] In New Orleans. Other cities noted by name.
RH = Rhinoceros Theater Festival. 4H = Four Humours. GB = Great Beast. CL = Clove Productions.

Happy Days Willie
[NO] 4H at Shadowbox ('11)
Porgy Policeman
[NO] NORD at ...Read More

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Michael Martin
Michael Martin
Michael Martin
Michael Martin

Stage Credits:
M. Benoit *.... Ladies of the Camellias   (3/2014)
Father.... Tony and Tina's Wedding   (10/2013)
Special Guest.... Miscasted!   (3/2013)
Selsdon Mowbray *.... Noises Off   (3/2013)
Fury 4/Mr. Phillips.... The Insanity of Mary Girard   (1/2013)
Marley.... A Christmas Carol   (12/2012)
Julius.... Michelangelo's Models   (8/2012)
The Adult Men.... Spring Awakening   (1/2012)
Willie.... Happy Days   (11/2011)
Policeman One.... Porgy   (7/2011)
Pindarus.... Julius Caesar   (6/2011)
George *.... Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?   (5/2011)
Bobby Free (uncredited).... The Front Man   (1/2010)
Mr Huk *.... Geronimo   (11/2009)
Nonno.... The Night of the Iguana   (10/2009)
Antoinette LaFite.... The Joys of Armageddon   (9/2009)
Michael.... The Health Benefits of Orange Soda   (8/2009)
King of Navarre *.... Love's Labour's Lost   (8/2009)
Dr. Mason (uncredited).... Bourbon Street - A Family History : Episode 2   (6/2009)
Krapp *.... Krapp's Last Tape   (1/2009)
The Bachelor *.... The Bachelor In New Orleans   (7/2008)(1/2008)(11/2007)
Vanya *.... Uncle Vanya   (7/2008)
Mona Rogers *.... Mona Rogers In Person   (4/2008)
Sergeant.... The Inspector General   (3/2008)
J.O. Breeze *.... The Third Degrees Of J.O. Breeze   (6/2007)
the Boy *.... Finding The Enemy   (3/2007)
Mr. Cohen.... The Papaya Man   (1/2007)
George Wallace *.... A Christmas Carol For George Wallace   (11/2006)
Lane, the butler *.... Now, She Dances!   (11/2006)
various.... Verbatim Verboten   (3/2004)
Faustus *.... An Apology for...Certain Events Delivered by Doctor John Faustus on This His Final Evening  
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Director.... Cat on a Hot Tin Roof   (2/2014)
Set Design.... Shivaree by William Mastrosimone   (9/2013)
Production Assistant.... The Gnädiges Fräulein   (3/2013)
Producer .... Miscasted!   (3/2013)
Director.... The Art of Unbearable Sensations   (11/2012)
Director.... Michelangelo's Models   (8/2012)
Production Assistant.... The Gnadiges Fraulein   (6/2012)
Producer .... Verbatim Verboten New Orleans   (6/2012)
director / set designer.... Beauty, an erotic odyssey through the life of Jean Genet   (2/2012)
Director.... Happy Days   (11/2011)
Publicity.... Feeding the Moonfish   (9/2011)
Producer .... The Tricky Part   (7/2011)
Press Agent.... The Park Bench Plays   (5/2011)
Assistant Producer.... Three Tall Women   (2/2011)
Director.... Criminal Hearts   (11/2010)
director / set designer; Organizer.... Bedroom Suite   (10/2010)
Press Agent.... Cordelia was The Fool   (9/2010)(4/2010)
Director.... A Taste of Honey   (8/2010)
Production Manager; Publicist.... I Want Sex All the Time   (7/2010)
Director.... Verbatim Verboten   (6/2010)(4/2010)
Production Coordinator.... fleetinghosts   (5/2010)
Publicity.... The Two Character Play   (3/2010)
Publicist; Co-Director.... The Front Man   (1/2010)
Director.... The Night of the Iguana   (10/2009)
Publicity Director.... Bourbon at the Border   (9/2009)
Host .... Verbatim Verboten   (8/2009)
House Manager.... Moon Cove   (7/2009)(11/2008)(8/2008)(4/2008)
Director.... Bourbon Street - A Family History : Episode 2   (6/2009)
Director.... Christmas On Mars   (12/2008)
house manager / publicity.... Two Easy Pieces   (12/2008)(11/2008)
house manager / publicity.... Jour De Gloire   (11/2008)(4/2005)(4/2005)
Director.... Brewed   (11/2008)
Director; Producer/Director.... The Erect Pronoun   (10/2008)
house manager / publicity.... The Baroness Undressed   (10/2008)
house manager / publicity.... At The DMV   (10/2008)
house manager / publicity.... Somebody Else's Life   (10/2008)
house manager / publicity.... Your Stories, Our Bodies (Unless They're Puppets)   (9/2008)
house manager / publicity.... Jim Fitzmorris Puts Marlin Gusman In A Hurt Locker   (9/2008)
Producer .... Esoterotica: Bedtime Stories For Adults   (9/2008)
Stage Manager (performance run).... Out Comes Butch   (8/2008)
.... Seriously Funny: Marcia Wall And Friends   (8/2008)
House Manager.... Cul-De-Sac   (8/2008)
Writer.... The Bachelor In New Orleans   (7/2008)(1/2008)(11/2007)
Assistant Director, Founder.... Uncle Vanya   (7/2008)
Director.... Steeped   (6/2008)
Producer .... Promises To Keep: The Poems Of Robert F. Kennedy   (6/2008)
Producer.... Torvald And I   (6/2008)
Director.... Out Comes Butch   (5/2008)
Production Manager.... Love at the Lounge   (10/2007)
Director, Co-Producer.... Kennedy's Children   (5/2007)
Producer .... Verbatim Verboten   (3/2004)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Highly Recommended, Chicago Reader: Hinckley on Foster: The Hearing, Krapp’s Last Tape
Highly Recommended, New Orleans Times-Picayune, WYES, Ambush: The Bachelor in New Orleans
Critics Choice, Chicago Reader: Pattern Recognition, Smokers, Verbatim Verboten
Big Easy Awards nominee, Lead Actor Drama: A Christmas Carol for George Wallace
Marquee Awards nominee, Lead Actor Drama: A Christmas Carol for George Wallace
Ambie Awards nominee, Lead Actor Play: Finding the Enemy

Non-stage credits:
Hotcakes Jacques
[NO] independent short ('11) Directed by Jo Custer
"Breakout Kings" Martin Mitchell
[NO] television series ('11)
A Eulogy Father~
[NO] Student short UNO ('11) Directed by Savanna Curtis
Searching for Bill Michael Martin~
[NO] Independent feature ('11) Directed by Jonas Rasmussen
The Last Long Lost Weekend Slagman
[NO] Independent short ('11) Directed by Billy Louviere
Nessun Dorma Dr Dagnault~
[NO] Student short UNO ('11) Written & directed by Ben Matheny {audience favorite}
The Price of Flowers Gas station clerk
[NO] Independent film (‘09) Directed by Ashley Charbonnet
12 Black
[NO] Student film UNO (‘09) Directed by Brooke Lynn Wright
High Definition Arguing Man
[NO] Independent film (‘07) Directed by Michael Minden Ward
The Champ The Coach~
[NO] PSA (‘07) Directed by Denny Juge
The Visiting Artist The Chef~
[CH] Student film SAIC (‘02) Directed by Greg Edwards
Blood Orgy of the Damned Longshank
[CH] Independent film (‘01) Directed by David Hayes