Lauren Hebert

Lauren Hebert

Vocal Range: mezzo soprano    ·    Height: 5"8    ·    Hair Color: dirty blonde    ·    Eye Color: blue    ·    Special Skills: Tumbling    ·    Hometown: Kenner    ·    Born: 2/22/1996    ·    High School:  Archpishop Chapelle High School    ·    Occupation: student

I'm a 15 years old. I've been acting for 6 years, dancing for 13 years,in my school choir for 5 years, and cheering for 5 years. i have a love for singing, acting, writing songs, and playing piano.

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Lauren Hebert
Lauren Hebert
Lauren Hebert
Lauren Hebert

Stage Credits:
Villager.... Into The Woods   (7/2010)
Lauren.... Smokey Joe's Cafe   (7/2009)(6/2009)
Knight Courtier.... Once Upon A Mattress   (6/2008)
Martha Cratchit.... A Christmas Carol   (12/2007)
Scientist/ensemble.... Li'l Abner   (6/2007)
Orphan.... Annie Jr.   (5/2007)
Ensemble.... Annie Get Your Gun   (6/2006)
Ensemble.... Bye Bye Birdie   (6/2005)
Earth/soloist *.... vacation to mars  
the census taker *.... Christmas Chronicles  
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Choreographer.... Christmas Chronicles  

Non-stage credits:
LMEA superior ratings - 3 years