Sean-Michael Bruno

Sean-Michael Bruno

Vocal Range: Soprano    ·    Height: 4' 10"    ·    Hair Color: Black    ·    Eye Color: Dark Brown    ·    Special Skills: Singing, Acting, Hip-Hop Dancing, Voiceover/ADR, British Dialect, Gymnastics    ·    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana    ·    Born: 9/25/1999    ·    Occupation: Actor / Singer

Sean-Michael Bruno is the Grandson of the late legendary New Orleans Piano Player/Producer/Singer, "Willie Tee", and the nephew of the late legendary New Orleans Saxophonist, Earl Turbinton, Jr. (aka "The African Cowboy").

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Sean-Michael Bruno
Sean-Michael Bruno
Sean-Michael Bruno
Sean-Michael Bruno

Stage Credits:
Andy Hosten *.... Disney's Camp Rock - The Musical   (7/2011)
.... Wanna Play?!   (6/2009)
Children's Chorus.... Carmen   (3/2009)
Cupid, Foreman *.... 2nd Annual Holiday Extravaganza   (12/2008)
Knuckles.... Bugsy Malone Jr.   (7/2008)
*=leading role

Non-stage credits:
- HBO Television Series, "TREME"
Recurring (Randall Batiste)
David Simon & Eric Overmeyer

- "Most Terrifying Places in America"
Travel Channel / Sharp Entertainment
Martin Goeller

- National Lampoon's "Another Dirty Movie"
Supporting (Mike)
Jonathan Silverman