John North

John North

Vocal Range: Bass/Baritone    ·    Height: 6'1    ·    Weight: 220    ·    Hair Color: Shaved/Bald/Blond    ·    Eye Color: Blue    ·    Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania    ·    Born: 9/14/1983    ·    High School: Mercyhurt Preparatory H.S.    ·    College: Pennsylvania State University    ·    Occupation: Teacher

New Orleans transplant circa 2007, teacher by profession actor by heart. Previous (non-NOLA) roles/credits include:

Herr Schultz, Cabaret, Penn State 2004
The Cowardly Lion/Oz, Wizard of Oz, Erie/State College, 2002/2006
Motel the Tailor, Fiddler on the Roof, Erie, 1999
Director, Into the Woods, Penn State, 2005
John, Miss Saigon, Rivertown 2008
Eddie/Dr. Scott, Rocky Horror Show, Marigny Theater through G*Wiz
Creative, 2009
The Beast, Beauty and the Beast, JPAS, 2009
Mr. Marks/Ensemble, The Producers, JPAS, 2010

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John North
John North
John North
John North

Stage Credits:
Dave Bukatinsky *.... The Full Monty   (2/2013)(2/2013)
Ensemble.... The Producers   (3/2010)
Beast *.... Disney's Beauty and the Beast   (11/2009)
Eddie/Dr. Scott *.... The Rocky Horror Show   (7/2009)
John *.... Miss Saigon   (9/2008)
Corey Palmer Sr *.... Back To The 80's! The Totally Awesome Musical   (6/2008)
*=leading role