Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford

Vocal Range: baritone/tenor    ·    Height: 5' 9"    ·    Weight: 190    ·    Hair Color: brown    ·    Eye Color: green    ·    Hometown: West Virginia    ·    High School: Grafton High School    ·    Occupation: Actor/Musician

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Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford

Stage Credits:
Detective.... Porgy   (7/2011)
Narrator *.... The Tricky Part   (7/2011)
Rev. Dr. T. Lawrence Shannon *.... The Night of the Iguana   (10/2009)
Dieter Kulta *.... Someone Bought The House On The Island   (5/2008)
*=leading role

Non-stage credits:
Better Luck Yesterday-Independent Feature
Interference-Independent Feature
Speak of the Devil-Independent Feature

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