Heather McClung

Heather McClung

Vocal Range: Alto    ·    Height: 5'2"    ·    Weight: 180    ·    Hair Color: Burgandy    ·    Eye Color: Blue    ·    Training: various theatre classes in high school    ·    Special Skills: British accent, play flute, color guard, drilleam, armed drill team, swimmer.     ·    Hometown: New Orleans, LA    ·    Born: 8/8/1990    ·    High School: Riverdale

Stage Credits:
Summer.... Addict   (4/2008)
Lt. Gregory.... Class Dismissed   (4/2007)
Mrs. Bennet *.... Pride And Prejudice   (9/2006)
Miz Molloy *.... School For Nerds   (5/2006)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Assistant Director.... Class Dismissed   (4/2007)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Best Actress 06-07 Maryville, TN

Non-stage credits:
Oschner Celebration of Women Commercial- Featured Extra

Cirque du Freak- Extra