Derek Jarvis

Derek Jarvis

Vocal Range: Baritone    ·    Height: 6'    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Born: 7/6/1980    ·    College: Northwestern University

Hailing from Perrysburg, Ohio and a graduate of Northwestern University's theatre program, Derek's most memorable theatre moment to date was writing, producing and directing his show Arr! Pirates. He also spent a summer studying in Oxford, England with the British American Dramatic Academy. Some of his favorite past roles include Capitano with Chicago dell'Arte, Polonius in Hamlet and Lollio in The Changeling.

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Derek Jarvis
Derek Jarvis
Derek Jarvis
Derek Jarvis

Stage Credits:
Derek *.... The Literati   (3/2011)(4/2010)
Captain Cully and others *.... The Last Unicorn   (10/2009)
Sir Galahad/Sir Kaye/Sir Gawain/Sir Sagamour/Sir Pellinore/Sir Dinadan/Crusaders.... A Hampstead Hooligan in King Arthur's Court   (9/2009)
Elbow, Barnardine & Fr. Thomas *.... Measure For Measure   (5/2009)
Capitano.... A Commedia Christmas Carol   (12/2008)
Capitano.... Murder, Murder, Murder!   (7/2008)
Witch *.... The Dark Side of the Bard   (2/2008)
Capitano *.... The Light of Love   (10/2007)
Ghost & etc *.... Shakespeare in the Garden   (5/2007)
Host *.... Evening of Vaudeville   (1/2007)
Governor Bellingham/Mariner.... The Scarlet Letter   (8/2006)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Director.... A Month of Development   (8/2009)
Director.... Evening of Vaudeville   (1/2007)
Producer .... Beyond Therapy   (9/2006)
Director.... Sockspeare: King John   (6/2006)
Technical Assistant.... Evening of Shakespeare   (5/2006)
Carpenter.... Romeo and Juliet   (3/2003)