Chloé Zeitounian

Chloé Zeitounian

Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano/ Legit Soprano    ·    Height: 5'7"    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Training: University of Georgia, NJ Workshop for the Arts, NJ Dance Theatre Ensemble    ·    Special Skills: Operatic singing, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Most sports, Horseback riding, Works well with animals    ·    Hometown: New York, New York    ·    High School: Westfield High School    ·    College: University of Georgia    ·    Occupation: Student

Chloé Zeitounian is an actor, singer and dancer, actively involved with the Athena Grand Opera, University Theatre and various professional regional theatres in the Atlanta area.

Chloé made her Broadway debut in "A Christmas Carol" in Madison Square Garden alongside Roger Daltry.

While studying outside Atlanta, Chloé performed in professional ...Read More

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Chloé Zeitounian
Chloé Zeitounian
Chloé Zeitounian
Chloé Zeitounian

Stage Credits:
Ensemble.... Godspell   (7/2007)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Puppet Design.... Godspell   (7/2007)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
"Sir Robert and Mrs Chevely (Chloe Zeitounian) were the runaway stars of the show... but Zeitounian was the class act here. ...Her upper crust English accent was stronger than some of those born in this country! She was a commanding presence throughout and when she was not on stage... the show suffered. Regrettably, other performers did not live up to Zeitounian's high standard."-Paul Arnold, Reading Spark (Reading, England)

"Chloe Zeitounian captured the audience’s undivided attention in her roles as a member of the theatre company and a doctor who is struggling to determine how to disburse limited medication."-Don Williams, Westfield Leader (New Jersey)

"Chloe Zeitounian had a very sweet, yet jazzy voice for the song, Day by Day." -MeisnerGuy, (Georgia)

"The character of Alonzo's brother, Tomazo, is changed to a sister (Chloé Zeitounian). As the sister who seems to grasp intuitively the truth of situations before anyone else, Zeitounian is both sensible and righteous." -Mary Jessica Hammes, Athens Banner Herald (Georgia)

"Chloe Zeitounian, Jeff Hogan, Chris Hild, and Jon Applebaum give commanding performances in this crime thriller." -Bill McMeekan, Movies in May Film Festival (New Jersey)

Won- Best Leading Actress in a Musical for Laurey in 'Oklahoma'- Stagedoor Manor (New York)

Won- 1st Place (Spanish)- William Paterson University's Statewide Poetry and Prose Competition (New Jersey)

Won- Best English Accent- Reading University's production of "An Ideal Husband" (Reading, England)

Non-stage credits:
"Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!" [1 Episode]- Lewellyn Films

"Welcome Friends" Campus Movie Fest Finalist- University of GA

"Crossroads" Matt Kabus Music Video

"Derailed" Movies in May Film Festival selection, Westfield NJ