Serguis Centanni

Serguis Centanni

Sometimes credited as: Sergius Centanni

Vocal Range: alto-baritone    ·    Height: 5'0"    ·    Weight: 90lb    ·    Hair Color: red    ·    Eye Color: blue and yellow    ·    Special Skills: moon walk

15 shows in career 12 featured rolls:
winnie the pooh* Chris Robin
peter pan* lost boy
best of broadway* soloist
lil'abner* Pappy Yokum
fidler on the roof chorus
pirate island or something like that* pirate #1
once upon a mattress* Prince Dauntless
best christmas pageant ever* Leroy Herdman
midsummer night's ...Read More

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Serguis Centanni
Serguis Centanni
Serguis Centanni
Serguis Centanni

Stage Credits:
Conductor, River City Townsperson.... The Music Man   (4/2014)
Freidrich.... The Sound of Music   (4/2011)(4/2011)(3/2011)
Gatekeeper.... Once On This Island   (7/2010)
Ugly *.... Honk!   (7/2009)(6/2009)
Prince Dauntless *.... Once Upon A Mattress   (7/2008)
Ensemble.... Fiddler On The Roof   (1/2008)(1/2008)
Pappy Yokum *.... Li'l Abner   (7/2007)
*=leading role

Stage Awards and Nominations:
jtf 2011 competition team winner

Non-stage credits:
Eminem-voodoo fest comercial 2010