Kirk R. Benson

Kirk R. Benson

Vocal Range: Tenor    ·    Height: 6' 4"    ·    Weight: 225 lbs    ·    Hair Color: Blonde    ·    Eye Color: Hazel    ·    Special Skills: All around nice guy    ·    High School: Bend Sr. High School    ·    College: U.S. Naval Academy/Naval Postgraduate School    ·    Occupation: Physical Scientist

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Kirk R. Benson
Kirk R. Benson
Kirk R. Benson
Kirk R. Benson

Stage Credits:
Henry Mitchell.... Sex Please We're Sixty   (4/2015)
Jack.... Regrets Only   (9/2014)
Arthur Roeder *.... Radium Girls   (2/2014)
Wardell.... Sordid Lives   (4/2013)
Leroy.... All This Talk is Killing Me   (1/2013)
Ed Dobitch.... Promises, Promises   (7/2012)
Mr. Fischer.... Trying to Get to You   (4/2012)
Mr. Fischer.... Trying to Get to You   (1/2012)
Homer Bolton *.... Morning's At Seven   (10/2011)
Father of the Bride.... Marriage Can Be Murder   (3/2011)
Atticus Finch *.... To Kill A Mockingbird   (10/2010)
Stanley Locker *.... A Night in the Theatre   (5/2010)
Glenn Cooper.... Rumors   (10/2009)
Leslie Arthur *.... Love, Sex and the I.R.S.   (8/2009)
Actor #1 *.... Here We Sit   (6/2008)
Clarence Oddbody.... It's A Wonderful Life   (12/2006)
Peter Principal.... John Fieldstone And The Lake Wawaseaweed Caper   (9/2006)
Noah *.... Children Of Eden   (8/2006)
Sir Lionel.... Camelot   (4/2006)
Messr. Darque.... Disney's Beauty And The Beast   (1/2006)
Inspector.... Hotel Paradiso   (3/2005)
Captain Peter Stossel *.... The Christmas Schooner   (12/2004)
Traveling Salesman.... The Music Man   (5/2004)
Red Ryder.... A Christmas Story   (12/2003)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Set Designer .... Radium Girls   (2/2014)
Sound Design; Producer .... All This Talk is Killing Me   (1/2013)
Producer .... Marriage Can Be Murder   (3/2011)
Producer .... Mardi Gras Murder on the Bayou   (11/2010)
Sound Design.... The Children's Hour   (3/2010)
Director; Sound Design; Set Designer .... Little Shop Of Horrors   (1/2009)
Asst. Director.... Private Lives   (2/2007)
Sound Design.... Dearly Departed   (11/2006)
Producer .... Disney's Beauty And The Beast   (1/2006)
Set Design.... Hotel Paradiso   (3/2005)
Sound Design.... Dearly Departed   (1/2004)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Ginny Award Nomination, Best Actor:
-Captain Peter Stossel, The Christmas Schooner
-Noah, Children of Eden
-Homer, Morning's at Seven
-Mr. Roeder, Radium Girls

Non-stage credits:
-Deja Vu, Naval Officer (uncredited), 2006. Directed by Tony Scott
-Ginny Award, Best Production (Producer), Beauty and the Beast, Slidell Little Theatre (2006)
-Ginny Award, Best Set (Set Designer), Little Shop of Horrors, Slidell Little Theatre (2009)