Tuesday November 06, 07
by Patrick Shannon, III, and

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A review by Patrick Shannon, III

The All Kinds of Theatre and Southern Rep production of John
Patrick Shanley’s play Doubt is a memorable example of theatrical
incandescence. It glows with the shine of professional beauty in
every aspect of the theatrical arts. It is as good as the
successful New York production.

Set in the Bronx circa 1960 in a Catholic school controlled by a
despotic nun Sister Aloysius, who is the Principal, the plot
concerns a popular young priest Father Flynn who is hated by this
woman. Because of an innocent observation by a younger nun,
Sister James, who tells the Principal that she has seen the
priest paying a lot of attention to the first male African
American student to attend the school, Sister Aloysius is
determined to accuse Father Flynn of homosexuality. All is not
what it seems and this mercurial plot unfolds with many turns and
surprises in this moving 90 minute play done without intermission
in this stunning production.

Carl Walker directed this show with a flawless and consummate
skill. Claire Moncrief plays the well-intentioned but determined
Sister Aloysius with awesome certitude and Jamie Wax as Father
Flynn, Andrea Frankle as Sister James and Donna Duplantier as
Mrs. Muller the mother of the young student all give
astonishingly amazing performances. They are all as flawless in
the expression of their art as Mr. Walker is in his crisp
sensitive direction.

David Raphael’s turntable set was beautiful and functional. Marty
Sachs lighting design illuminated the dark themes of this play
and the action with deft ability. Charlotte Lang’s costume
design was smart and believable and Jeffery Talbot’s original
music and sound design captured the depth and mysterious beauty
of the plot.

If you see only one legitimate play in your life, it should be
this production of Doubt. It’s truly what great theater is all